What if You Could Get a Hollywood Pro to Help You With Your Presentation?

deliveryThat would be ideal. So do the next best thing: insert a short movie clip at just the right time. Or create your own. That's what this team did to get their point across.

A team of employees at a large retailer was working with their management at headquarters on their customer-returns policy. The team had visited all the stores and found that the policies were being ignored out in the field. Armed with loads of charts and graphs, they presented their findings to management, but had little luck changing anyone's mind.

So the team decided to go back to the stores, this time with a video camera. They filmed interviews with eight sales reps, who eagerly offered up their own critiques of the returns policy. They even interviewed a few customers. The final edited version lasted about four minutes and became the centerpiece of their presentation.

The video had a profound effect on management. This time they clearly saw what was happening out in the field. The charts and graphs simply added further proof to what they had already seen. When the presentation ended, the team walked out knowing they'd successfully delivered their message: management agreed to change the returns policy.

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