What Does it Really Mean to Commit?

TRD097aTrue commitment means 100 percent effort and focus. To make that point to an audience of young entrepreneurs, one speaker told this story about Roger Bannister, a young athlete who believed he could do the impossible.

For years runners had been trying to achieve the four-minute mile, but everyone claimed it was impossible for a human being to do it. Our bone structure was wrong. Our lung power was inadequate. Wind resistance was too great. There were hundreds of reasons.

Then Roger Bannister proved that the doctors, the trainers, and all the athletes before him who had tried and failed were wrong. And the year after he broke the four-minute mile, 37 other runners broke it. The year after that, 300 runners did it.

His attitude is what made the difference. Despite obstacles and despite popular opinion of the day, he pressed on to achieve his goal.

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