Use a Bit of Humor to Help Your Message Hit Home

TRD097aIt's easy to give advice, especially if you're not the one charting the course or taking action. To make this point to an audience of local government officials, one presenter used the humor and homespun wisdom of comic strip character, Charlie Brown.

He began by pointing out that contributing fully to your community is more than just offering advice to those who are out there working. Offering advice, he said, reminded him of a panel from a favorite comic strip, Peanuts. Charlie Brown is on the pitcher's mound saying to himself: 'It's the last of the ninth, the bases are loaded. There are two out, and the count is three and two on the batter. If I get him out, we win.'

In the next frame, Charlie is surrounded by his friends and teammates who are shouting: 'Throw him a fastball, Charlie Brown. Throw him a curve, Charlie.'

Then in the final frame, Charlie Brown is all alone again on the pitcher's mound. And this time he is saying to himself: 'This world is filled with people who are anxious to serve in an advisory capacity.'

After the chuckles subsided, the presenter told his audience: "If anyone can appreciate that bit of homespun philosophy from Charlie Schultz, the creator of Peanuts, it is you men and women in government."

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