There’s Money to Be Made if You Listen

deliveryIf you’re in sales, you know how important it is to listen to your customers. Bill Daly, of Federated Insurance, wanted to make this point to a group of sales people, so he decided to give them a direct experience of the importance of listening.

When he opened his presentation, he spoke a lot about himself. He talked about his kids, his alma mater, his background, and his interests.

Then he moved on to speak about sales issues. After several minutes of speaking, he reached in his pocket and took out a hundred dollar bill. Holding it up so everyone could see, he waved it and offered to give it to anyone in the audience who could answer ten questions pertaining to him.

Suddenly everyone sat up and took note. Walking back and forth with the money in his hand, he began to ask questions, all of them about details he had shared just ten minutes earlier from his own life. It quickly became clear that no one in the audience could answer them all.

And it also became clear that everyone had lost out on making money by not listening carefully. Having brought this point home with his audience, the presenter had their attention for the remainder of his speech.

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