Tap Into the Curiosity of Your Audience

deliveryOne of the most effective ways to grab audience attention is to start with an activity that piques their curiosity. When conducting a training session on conflict resolution, Gabrielle Hamen-Kieffer of You Have the Power, began by dividing the audience into small groups and giving them each a small paper bag.

Each group opened the bag and found four items: a puzzle piece, a "peace" symbol token, a miniature fighting soldier, and a half dollar coin. The manager told them each item, plus the bag itself, represented the five different conflict resolution types.

Everyone was curious to find out what the items represented. Building on this curiosity, the HR manager asked each group to discuss a conflict situation and guess how the bag and items in it might represent how people handle conflict.

After everyone shared, she explained the pieces:

  • The puzzle - people who look for collaborative solutions
  • Peace - people who try to minimize conflict and accommodate others
  • Soldier - people who like to win and compete
  • Half dollar - people who try to find the compromise
  • Bag - people who avoid conflict

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