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Elite Hearing Network

I wanted to let you know that the presentation went very well at our annual meeting. I could not have done this without the help of Spoken Impact.  Thanks so much and I’ll be back again.
Sue Scott,  Director of Marketing,  Elite Hearing Network

RAI Stone Group

If you ever need a reference, send them to me. I am very pleased with our investor presentation. You do great work.
Sam Zordich,  CEO,  RAI Stone Group

Cahill Dental Care

Thank you for all your support and input. My presentation at the conference went really well based on all the very positive feedback. I got many requests afterwards for my card, my ideas and input for an article. I will definitely be in touch for my next presentation.
Trish Ura,  Principal,  Cahill Dental

RBC Wealth Management

Thank you for a wonderful session that truly helped everyone improve their public speaking skills. I especially like your E’s of Energy. We look forward to having you back!
Jeanine Hansen,  HR Learning Manager,  RBC Wealth Management



Thank you for your help in developing and leading the training for our sales team. The training went well and we received positive feedback from the attendees. Thanks to you both for a great presentation training program!
Jessica Gunderson,  HR Manager,  Danfoss

Great Clips

Spoken Impact’s presentation training is head and shoulders above other programs we’ve experienced. It’s fun and engaging. Our team stretched as speakers and became more confident in their capabilities. It was exciting to see noticeable improvement.
Jim Lindner,  Director of Business Services,  Great Clips

Land O Lakes

I received very favorable feedback regarding the Speaking with Confidence training your team conducted. Specifically, several mentioned it was some of the best training they have had.
Harvey Johnson,  Strategic Initiatives,  Land O’ Lakes, Inc.


We had a lot of speakers come in and present at our annual week long gathering and without a doubt yours was one of the most valuable. Everyone thought ‘Speaking with Confidence’ was really super. We’ll be back next year.
Jordan Bartol,  Training Manager,  HRST

Youth Farm

My speech at our annual fundraising dinner went well. The message was more clear than it ever has been and I was able to utilize many of the techniques that we worked on. I had many people tell me that I did an excellent job. Most importantly, I was able to connect in a way that encouraged attendees to donate and our donations were double that of any year in the past.
Gunnar Liden,  Executive Director,  Youth Farm


Spoken Impact’s training exceeded my expectations. We look forward to seeing how we can continue to work together in the future.
Mark Summers,  CEO,  ThreeWire


Our team had lots of take-aways from your training that we put into practice immediately. All the feedback was wonderful. We are looking to have you back soon.
Samantha Johnson,  Training Specialist,  Cummins Sales and Service

LFE Capital

Overall I found the session very valuable. I had the first business meetings I was preparing for last week and implemented a great deal of what I learned. My presentation was better than I could have imagined.
Kellie Bauer, LFE Capital


Digital River

The workshop was excellent. The examples and exercises were fun and practical. Our team has already put many of the tools into daily practice.
Carrie Barclay,  Assoc. Director, Account Development,  Digital River



I was satisfied with our sales presentation until I worked with Spoken Impact. With their help we have dramatically improved our sales message and PowerPoint slides. Now our presentation creates enthusiasm and really moves prospects to take the next step towards working with us. What a difference! Many thanks.
Andrew Eklund,  CEO,  Ciceron



Courage Center

The presentation was fabulous. We were even asked back! With your help we made some significant improvements in the presentation. The final presentation was far more engaging, visually interesting and professional.
Connie Shaffer,  Driver Assessment Program,  Courage Center



Spoken Impact counsel proved invaluable in the development and refinement of our investor presentation. The result was a dynamic and visually exciting presentation. I strongly recommend every emerging growth company engage them.
Adam G. Southam,  President/CEO,  RESHARE


Dorothy Light

Spoken Impact has a variety of tools to help all speakers sharpen their skills. You were particularly helpful in repositioning an important keynote address to make it more persuasive and powerful.
Dorothy Light,  Author,  Into the Boardroom



Algos Therapeutics

Working with Spoken Impact really helped us distill our message into a succinct and compelling story. Thanks for everything.
Suzanne Dvorak,  President,  Algos Therapeutics


Asset Allocation Incorporated

With your assistance I delivered a much more visual and attention-holding presentation. All of your help was greatly appreciated.
Mike Stolte,  President,  Asset Allocation Incorporated


Thank you for your help last week. The presentation went very well at the conference. Hope to work with you in the future.
Dave Montecalvo,  Vice President – R&D and Operations,  Urologix


Professional Litho Inc.

Your workshop on Creative Sales Presentations had lots of terrific concepts. I loved the creativity and audience interaction. We have implemented a number of the ideas and received very good reception to the updated presentations.
Sher Van Cleve,  Sales Consultant ,  Professional Litho Inc.


InBalance Alliance

Thanks for all you efforts, I found yesterday’s session to be very helpful, and your guidance through this entire process of developing our presentation has been most beneficial.
Bob Vogel,  President,  InBalance Alliance



Spoken Impact was a pleasure to work with. The coaching method was helpful and included valuable suggestions which improved my presentation. I highly recommend them.
Gary Anderson,  CEO,  Netbriefings


Welsch Law

Spoken Impact did a fabulous job. The staff provided excellent quality and quick turn-around! I received numerous compliments on my PowerPoint presentation, including the content and delivery.
Heidi Welsch,  Attorney,  Welsch Law


Decision Processes International

I’ve worked with Spoken Impact on a number of projects. I close about 30% more business with the sales presentation they updated. Our PowerPoint slides are now more dynamic, visual and professional. I highly recommend them.
Mark Thompson,  Principal,  Decision Processes International



MR Instruments

You’ve got a great ability to hone anyone’s message. Feel free to use me as a reference anytime.
Kevin Sundquist,  President,  MR Instruments


The Bailey Consulting Group

I really enjoyed the Power Point class. You were very professional, proficient – I couldn’t have asked for better trainers! Some courses drag on while you are waiting for the “aha’s” – this whole course was a gold nugget.
Kathy Passig,  The Bailey Consulting Group


The Garrity Group

With your help I was better prepared for my talk and really appreciated how the final speech came together. You do good work.
Ann Garrity,  President,  The Garrity Group


TAJ Technologies

Lots of great ideas and insight into how to make PowerPoint more effective. I’m excited to put everything I learned to work with my next presentation.
Kristin Parr,  Sales Executive,  TAJ Technologies


T Mobile

The Spoken Impact system is enjoyable, and simple enough to understand and remember. It helped our group identify the specific skills that we needed to work on. We would hire you again.
Wendy Whitman,  Manager,  T Mobile


US Bank

The training provided our group with lots of great ideas for how to make our presentations more interesting and memorable.
Leslie Kiltie,  Director of Marketing,  Corporate Payment Systems
US Bank



The update to our company presentation has been very well received. We’ve gotten compliments on both the content and look, and it’s helping us close new business.
Susan Riekels,  Director of Marketing,  Alquest


Restore Products

Our presentation was a real hit. I received lots of compliments on everything – especially the PowerPoint slides you designed. You really know what you’re doing. Thanks for all your help.
Laurie Brown,  President,  Restore Products


SEI Services

Thanks for helping us develop a more compelling business presentation. Our story is now easier to understand and more visually engaging. You do super PowerPoint work.
John Sullivan,  CEO,  SEI Services

Project Management Institute

Spoken Impact was well received by our group. The program was interesting, entertaining and well delivered. We would recommend them to others wanting to learn more about the power of persuasive speaking.
Mohamad Mandour,  VP Programs,  Project Management Institute


American Marketing Association, MN

Lots of great information on how to present our ideas and be more persuasive. We loved the humorous, “real life” approach with compelling examples of what to do…and what not to do. Your program is a must for business executives.
Dave Sorenson,  President,  American Marketing Association, MN

Sales & Marketing Executives

Thank you for a great program. You delivered a very educational, informative and enjoyable presentation. The comments from our participants were overwhelmingly positive.
Janice Feinberg,  President,  Sales & Marketing Executives



I wouldn’t change a thing regarding the presentation I gave at the HOW Design Conference. With your help it had all the elements I hoped for. The personal stories, key message and audience activity all helped assure it was a memorable and interesting presentation.
Deb Fiorella,  Principal,  Franke+Fiorella


Frontline Forum

Excellent program packed full of useful presentation ideas that we can all use. We especially enjoyed your fun and energetic presentation style.
Ken Stone,  VP Programs,  Frontline Forum


RSP Architects

The feedback on your course is overwhelmingly positive. Everyone enjoyed the exercises, the opportunities to speak and the methods for putting together more persuasive presentations. The real benefit is the delivery of better presentations by those who attended the program.
Mark Westman,  Marketing Director,  RSP Architects


Plymouth Church Neighborhood Foundation

Our new foundation presentation incorporates all the elements of emotion, fact and persuasion that we were looking for. The PowerPoint slides and multimedia opener are fabulous. Everyone loves it.
Lee Blons,  Executive Director,  Plymouth Church Neighborhood Foundation


Catalyst Enterprises

Our presentation was a smashing success. We are extremely pleased with how well it was received. Your counsel regarding how to make our talk both exciting and inspirational was just what our presentation needed. Thanks for all the help.
Marsha K. Millonig,  President,  Catalyst Enterprises


Fargo Electronics

With Spoken Impact’s guidance, everyone’s presentation at our annual meeting was vastly improved. My keynote address received accolades from all in attendance. You do an excellent job identifying what is important to an audience, how to make the content interesting and coaching us to be dynamic presenters.
Kathleen Phillips,  Vice President Sales and Marketing,  Fargo Electronics


RBC Dain

You helped us learn to communicate the essential elements of our message to our audience. I would recommend you to any professionals who are truly interested in improving their presentation skills.
David Bromelkamp,  Sr VP,  RBC Dain


US Bank

Spoken Impact came up with a creative way to make our customer conference more memorable. I personally appreciated their help with the content and delivery of my opening remarks. I came across more professionally and had a greater impact.
Mike Kennedy,  Vice President,  US Bank



Carlson Marketing Group

The work with Spoken Impact was really helpful. We received lots of favorable comments about our presentation.
Susan Larsen-Nowlin,  VP Client Relations,  Carlson Marketing Group


Jennings State Bank & Jennings Home Mortgage

Spoken Impact helped us put together a presentation that was very professional and met our needs. There’s no question working with them was worth the money. The presentation has helped us close new business while also providing us with a clear message we can all communicate.
Paul Jennings,  Chief Executive Officer,  Jennings State Bank & Jennings Home Mortgage

RSP Architects

With Spoken Impact’s help we were able to develop and deliver a very effective presentation that ultimately secured an important contract for our firm. This is the second time that I’ve worked with Spoken Impact. Both times we got the business and received very positive comments from all those who attended our presentation.
Bryan Gatzlaff,  RSP Architects


Woman’s Club of Minneapolis

Thank you for a great presentation last week! I’ve had very good comments. We hope to have you back again in the future for a more extensive workshop.
Grace Ward,  Executive Director,  Woman’s Club of Minneapolis


US Bank Retail Payment Solutions

My team came back bursting with new ideas and enthusiasm after attending your program. There has been a noticeable improvement in everyone’s delivery and material. Without a doubt, a worthwhile investment in presentation training and coaching.
Nancy Patton,  Vice President,  US Bank Retail Payment Solutions


Capital Strategies Financial Corp

Worth every penny. Spoken Imact’s presentation development process saved me lots of time. More importantly, my talk generated a great deal of interest in our business.
Eric Graber,  President,  Capital Strategies Financial Corp


Abeo Sleep Solutions

Great program. I really learned a lot and am excited to incorporate the concepts in my next presentation.
Sheri Erickson,  CEO,  Abeo Sleep Solutions


Cargill Salt

This program covered many of the elements that are important when presenting. I learned lots of great tips and techniques, including a useful model that I can apply in the future. The practice sessions and feedback were
Ramona Bennett,  Marketing Manager,  Cargill Salt



I just returned from a meeting where I gave the presentation Spoken Impact designed for us. The pitch was great. You are great. Your turnaround time, quality and grasp of my needs was terrific. Thank you.
Linda Hall Whitman.  Former CEO,  MinuteClinic


Blue Cross Blue Shield University

Great program. You are a professional who keeps the program varied, fun and interactive. Everyone rated this program as well worth the time and full of ideas they can take back and use.
Pat Brinton,  Director of Training,  Blue Cross Blue Shield University


Japs-Olson Company

Your seminar was invaluable and after seeing the videos, I will be spending a lot of time practicing to perfect the process. Great seminar and time very well spent.
Lisa Abray,  Sales Representative,  Japs-Olson Company


Uponor USA

Let me say again, how very grateful we are for your contribution to our national sales meeting. We believe your work not only improved our PowerPoint slides, but raised our presentation delivery as well. You did a fantastic job in a stressful atmosphere. You are such a pro — a million thanks.
Ingrid Mattsson,  North America Marketing Manager,  Uponor USA


Aethlon Capital, LLC

You are a real pro to work with and expert at all the elements of a successful presentation. The time with you resulted in a more relaxed and engaging delivery.  I’ll be back.
Sima Griffith,  Founder & Managing Principal,  Aethlon Capital, LLC


Media Communications Association Int’l-MN

Thanks for the great presentation on networking. We loved your energy and appreciate all the hard work you put into delivering a great program.
Shelby Zavoral,  President,  Media Communications Association Int’l-MN


Women’s Business Minnesota

In today’s world where customer service is a lost art, Spoken Impact goes above and beyond with their masterpiece of services, support and expertise. They more than met my needs, they exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Spoken Impact for a job superbly done.
Sheba Coffey,  Publisher,  Women’s Business Minnesota


US Bank

With your help, the overall quality of presentations at our annual conference improved dramatically . Our team took your coaching to heart and successfully applied many of the concepts.
Bob Fleischman,  VP Marketing -PowerTrack,  US Bank



Digital River

Your 12 tips on how to transform PowerPoint combined with the hands-on workshop is exactly what I wanted. I’m very impressed. The “how-to” materials are worth the money alone.
Marianne Loire,  Art Director,  Digital River


The Travel Concern

We can’t wait to use the presentation you created for us on our upcoming sales calls. The process Spoken Impact uses to identify the interests and needs of the audience and then help us create a key message is immensely helpful. Your unique approach to PowerPoint ensures our presentation will be memorable! We’re looking forward to seeing the results after using the new presentation.
Karen and Ed Mason,  CEO and President,  The Travel Concern


Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly LLP

Your program gave our team a chance to discuss and learn what makes an effective presenter and then practice those skills. Enjoyable format with lots of examples. Spoken Impact’s programs have been super.
Stephen Dupont,  Marketing Manager,  Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly LLP 


Dupont Crop Protection Products

I was extremely pleased with my annual sales meeting presentations. Spoken Impact helped me on my keynote address and it was one of my best. More importantly, the talk created the impact with my team that I was looking for. Spoken Impact also created a new PowerPoint presentation detailing our 2005 offerings. The presentation has received lots of compliments for its professionalism and its ‘wow’ factor. Your work is outstanding.
John  Poulter,  Area Sales Manager-USA,  Dupont Crop Protection Products



Our new presentation does a nice job of explaining our company and technology. The new content and PowerPoint slides makes everything more understandable and focused. I was impressed and will be back for help with other presentations.
Ken Searl,  CEO,  Prodigen


Strategic People Development

The PowerPoint slides you did for me are terrific. I like how crisp and professional they look. They made giving my presentation a real joy.
Diane Maki,  President,  Strategic People Development 


Marvin Windows Product Planning Team

The Transforming PowerPoint training was terrific. You showed us lots of great ideas for making our presentations far more visual and exciting. We will be applying everything we learned to our upcoming sales conference. Well worth the time and money.
Marvin Windows Product Planning Team


Infinity Broadcasting

Spectacular program. We enjoyed your fun and engaging format and all the examples for how to take our sales presentations to the next level. The group was buzzing with ideas afterwards and ready to make their next presentations more interesting and memorable. In fact, we applied creative presentation ideas we learned and we were able to close a very large contract. We were told afterwards we were selected because our creative presentation held their interest. Your training was a great success.
Mary Niemeyer,  Director of Sales,  Infinity Broadcasting


Women’s Foundation of MN

Thanks for making facing one’s fears about public speaking easy.  I gained a thorough understanding about how to structure more inspiring and effective speeches and gained many tricks on how to present a better talk. I look forward to working together on future speeches.
Lee Roper-Batker,  President,  Women’s Foundation of MN


Women’s Foundation of MN

Thanks for making facing one’s fears about public speaking easy.  I gained a thorough understanding about how to structure more inspiring and effective speeches and gained many tricks on how to present a better talk. I look forward to working together on future speeches.
Lee Roper-Batker
Women’s Foundation of MN

American Bank

Thank you for your presentation at Financial Women International. Out of 30 responses, you received 25 Excellent and 5 Good ratings, both on the quality of the speaker and the topic. That is one of the highest rated programs in the last two years.
Lynda Koren,  Branch Manager,  American Bank


Powel-MiniMax, Inc.

Enjoyable and very productive media planning session. You were very effective in helping us hone the message and guiding us in how to communicate it. Very worthwhile.
 Jeff Baumer,  VP Sales & Marketing,  Powel-MiniMax, Inc.



I was impressed with what I observed and have heard nothing but positive comments about your programs. The PowerPoint training kept a good pace while covering all the topics. The presentation skills session engaged the participants and the content was right on target. The one-on-one reviews are a unique and very effective feature of your program. We look forward to having you back.
Dennis McGreevy,  Organization Development Manager,  GMAC – RFC


OPIN Systems

To say our project with Spoken Impact has been a success thus far would be an understatement. We used an early version of our new presentation at a critical meeting with a prospective new client. I know for certain the presentation itself played a role in us winning the deal. We are absolutely delighted with the results.
Kevin Mitchell,  Executive Vice President,  OPIN Systems


Diana Gabriel

Going from good to great with my most recent workshop was totally attributed to your helpful suggestions and ideas. The evaluations were raving. Thank You, Thank You!!!!
Diana Gabriel,  Certified Professional Co-Active Coach


Minnesota Women in Marketing & Communications

You were a tremendous hit. Your presentation offered refreshing insight, techniques and take-aways. You are worthy of a standing ovation!
Sarah Sladek,  Past President
Minnesota Women in Marketing & Communications



Everything about your program came back very positive. The day just flew by and many of us left very excited to incorporate the concepts we learned. Watching videotapes of speakers and being videotaped was very helpful. Great program.
Lora Hedin,  Senior Director of Marketing,  HealthPartners


Minnesota Society of CPAs

Out of 23 speakers, your scores were some of the highest at the 11th Annual MNCPA Management and Business Advisers Conference. You received a lot of great comments. We look forward to having you speak at our 51st Annual Tax Conference.
Karen Griffith,  Conference Coordinator,  Minnesota Society of CPAs


Professional Sales Association – MN

Our group found your program packed full of ideas that any sales professional could use to make a better sales presentation.  We especially liked your examples and real world advice and experience.  Excellent program.
Cindy Mikolajczyk,  President,  Professional Sales Association – MN


Messerli & Kramer

Thanks for this excellent PowerPoint. It has substance and is visually appealing. The final presentation was very effective and high impact. Well done!
Brad Lehrman,  Attorney,  Messerli & Kramer


Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce

Thanks for the great presentation. Everyone had very positive comments. In fact, you scored 5 out of 5 in every category.
George Stoj,  Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce



Your process was really helpful and enabled me to make a more engaging and conversational presentation. I’ll definitely pass your name along to others who I think might need help with their presentations. Thanks for everything.
Jennifer Latvala,  Learning and Development Manager, Ecolab


Pulte Homes of MN

Working with you was not only enjoyable but the process was extremely helpful. I hope to work with you again in the future.
Keith Tomlinson,  President,  Pulte Homes of MN 


Synaptic Medical

I really liked your process for making my presentation more personable and engaging. Your delivery skills coaching brought out the best in me. I definitely plan to work with you again.
Sophia Wang,  President,  Synaptic Medical 


Waytek, Inc

Your presentation was of great interest and will be used by our outside and inside representatives in their discussions with our customers to make our message more definitive and persuasive.
Steve Kaminsen,  Sales Manager,  Waytek, Inc.


The Trillium Group

Your program was just what I needed. Your methodology for helping me be a more engaging speaker really worked. I was very pleased with my last presentation and can really tell the difference your executive speaking program made.
Steve Sonkowski,  The Trillium Group



Thanks for the great presentation you gave at our program. You were a great hit. We all came away with very valuable tips and ideas about making more effective presentations.
Nancy Miller,  Director-Marketing Communications,  Allina


Evantage Consulting

Your individual coaching sessions and presentation skills training has exceeded my expectations. We’ve had a very favorable response to the entire program. One participant put the learning to work right away with an excellent presentation that helped win a new client. Well worth the time and money.
Robin Carpenter,  Managing Partner,  Evantage Consulting 


Main Trax

With our updated sales presentation we have won lots of new business. This presentation is especially effective because I feel far more confident giving it and I am much more engaging while doing so. I’ve referred a number of people to you. You have a great niche.
Scott Bakken,  President,  Main Trax 


Watermark Learning

The comments from your presentation were excellent, and on behalf of the IIBA board, I want to thank you for doing such a great job for us. The evaluation numbers were stellar, and the verbal comments were complimentary.
Richard Larson,  President,  Watermark Learning


Center for Living Art

My talk at the Green Bay conference was great.  I was very pleased with the reception I received.  Thanks so much for guiding me in being able to carry the message in 30 minutes.
Bernie Saunders,  Founder,  Center for Living Art


SPS Commerce

You did an excellent job working with our group, each of which was at a different “level.” Well balanced, organized, interesting, good time management…and most of all great takeaways!
Tom Velin,  CFO,  SPS Commerce


Sundays Energy

I thought I’d take the opportunity to mention that I enjoyed presentation. All of the principles you laid out were very well substantiated in the delivery of the presentation and the slide demonstrations were stimulating examples of what is possible.
Reed Aubin,  Development Director,  Sundays Energy


Franklin Capital Partners

Thanks for all your help with our client’s presentation. You’ve made a real difference in helping the team present themselves well. We especially appreciated your insight into how to craft a more fluid and compelling message.”
Chip Myers,  Principal,  Franklin Capital Partners


Organized Audrey

This has been a terrific process. Now I have a really professional and visually dynamic presentation. Without a doubt this has been some of the best money we have invested. My new presentation will carry me far.
Audrey Thomas,  President,  Organized Audrey

Read Naturally

We received all positive comments from your training.  Everyone was very excited that we offered the program and many people mentioned the numerous ideas they picked up.  We look forward to working with you again.
Claire Ihnot,  Marketing Director,  Read Naturally


McLaughlin Gormley King

Enjoyable program that was well worth the time. Most of us in the group were able to apply the concepts right away. Many on my team noticed significant improvement in their delivery and content. I am certainly willing to be reference.
Michael Burkett,  National Sales Manager,  McLaughlin Gormley King


Consumer Aware

The presentation you developed was absolutely stellar. The slides were outstanding and the message was very well received. We’re looking forward to working with your team on future projects.
Nancy Kays,  Manager, Market Development,
Consumer Aware

Target Corp.

The program was well worth the time. You did a great job customizing it to our needs. The one-on-one session really drove home key learning points. Many thanks.
Diane Anderson,  Sr. Creative Manager-Interactive Marketing
Target Corp.


Fairview Southdale Hospital

For our physicians this was a well-tailored session with a lot of relevant and practical ideas for making presentations better.
Christine Bishop,  Marketing Manager,  Fairview Southdale Hospital


Infinity Direct

Great workshop. I went back to the office and reworked my presentation. I applied a lot of your suggestions and was excited to make my most recent sales presentation.”
Cindy Little,  Director of Business Development,  Infinity Direct



I just received a card from the president of the association, letting me know that from the survey results, I had the highest rated session of the conference! I have been invited back to speak at their next conference in San Francisco. Thank you again for all your help in making my presentation have so much impact.
Jennifer Veesenmeyer,  Sr. Marketing Consultant,  Evantage



What a difference. We really like the update to our PowerPoint slides. They are much more professional and engaging.
Todd Aldrich,  Vice President-Marketing,  BioMedix


Daily Whip

It was so awesome to work with you and I got so much out of it! Well worth the money.
Erika Lyremark,  President,  Daily Whip



We’re very excited to be using our new sales presentation. It tells our message well with attractive and professional slides. You’ve got a great process and we plan to work with you again in the future.
Doug Luick,  President,  Unison


BFC Financial

We talked with a lot of companies before selecting Spoken Impact. We were not disappointed. Our executive team raved about the work they did with you. You are a real pro and we look forward to working with you in 2007.
Sharon Lyn,  Vice President,  BFC Financial


Travelers Global Insurance

Ever since we engaged Spoken Impact to create our PowerPoint slides, people have been commenting on how great our presentations look. I find the audience is far more engaged because the slides are very visual, interesting and different. Our audience can’t wait to see what is on the next slide. Best of all you are responsive, flexible and great to work with.
Diane Barr,  Business Development Director,  Travelers Global Insurance


Rapid Diagnostik

I can’t thank you enough for your help. The first comment we received after our presentation was that ours was the best Power Point the group had ever seen. The delivery coaching was also invaluable. This may be the best money the company ever spends. Thanks for your outstanding work.
Paul Knapp,  CEO,  Rapid Diagnostik


Consumer Aware

Thank you for your wonderful coaching and great work on the presentation. Both of my speaking engagements went extremely well. Your help was greatly appreciated!
Amelia L. Schultz,  Vice President, Sales and Account Management,
Consumer Aware


Rada Advertising

Thanks to Spoken Impact things went very well at the conference. I received numerous positive comments. The presentation accomplished everything I had hoped it could.
Brent Reichow,  Recruitment Strategy Consultant,  Rada Advertising


Dairy Queen International

I am seeing tangible benefit from your training with my team. Several in our group have considerably improved their presentation style as a result of the feedback and suggestions they received. My satisfaction level is very high.
Bob Paine,  VP Regional Field Marketing,  Dairy Queen International


Land O’Lakes

The presentation went wonderfully. Thank you very much for your guidance and coaching.
Bill Bergland,  U.S. Product Manager, Sunflower/Sugarbeet
Land O’Lakes


This program has gotten our group engaged in making better presentations. The presentations I saw this afternoon was so superior to anything that we have been doing. This was more than worth the money.
Maura McDonough Cope,  Sales Manager,  WCCO TV


Creekridge Capital

We are very impressed with our updated sales presentation and pleased with everything you did for us. The new format is more engaging and the visuals are very professional and appropriately capture who we are. We are happy to be a reference.
Art Greve,  Sr. Vice President-Sales,  Creekridge Capital


Deluxe Corporation

Your presentation coaching was really valuable. Our group responded well to your approach and therefore seemed to really understand the concepts and applied them. By the time we wrapped up our series, the team had gotten better and better. Some presenters were terrific.
Sandy Lien,  Customer Experience Team,  Deluxe Corporation


Wright State University

I had an opportunity last week to use the PowerPoint you created for us. It was my first solo flight with our presentation and it went fantastic because of the great visuals. Thanks very much.
William Tindall, PhD, RPh,
Professor of Family Medicine,  Wright State University



You’ve become a valuable resource for us at Digineer. You’ve got great ideas and know how to develop a message so that it is understood and memorable. I have given your name to a number of people and will happily continue to refer others to you.
Michael Lacey,  CEO,  Digineer


Wagner Spray Tech

I was impressed with the significant improvement I saw in just one day with our group. All their comments about the program were very favorable and the group felt they learned a great deal. We look forward to working with you again in the future.
Jackie McMartin,  Group VP of Human Resources,  Wagner Spray Tech


Bell State Bank and Trust

We have developed over 20 speeches together. You are an amazing writer and have an uncanny ability to know what the audience wants to hear. It’s great to team up with someone who makes creating a speech enjoyable and delivering it rewarding.
Michael Solberg,  CEO/President,  Bell State Bank and Trust


Sebesta Blomberg

We’re thrilled with the program. Our group had only positive comments. They felt the program touched on all the issues they struggle with regarding creating and delivering more interesting and effective presentations. Everyone was excited to implement the ideas they learned.
Maryam Peters,  Chief Executive for Human Resources,  Sebesta Blomberg



Unbelievable! That’s the impact my presentation had at our annual conference. Your process for building rapport with the audience really worked. You helped me craft a very clear message that people understood and responded to. Call me anytime you need a reference.
Susan Lund,  Director – Global Learning and Development,  ev3


Dairy Queen International

What a difference! I wanted to improve my ability to connect and engage with very large audiences (1000+ people). Not only did you greatly increase my impact with large groups, you also gave me very valuable skills for any size audience. Your process was very effective and enjoyable.
Chuck Chapman,  Chief Operating Officer,  Dairy Queen International


Land O’Lakes – Seed Division

I just finished the best and most impactful presentation I have ever given. It went very well. I have been told it is was the best of all the general presentations at our conference. Thank you for all your help!!
Joe Stackhouse,  Director Supply Chain/Operations
Land O’Lakes Seed Division



Parisi Speed School

You did an outstanding job on our PowerPoint presentation. I am very impressed with your work and grateful for the referral I received to work with Spoken Impact. I’m looking forward to working with you on our next presentation.
Bill Parisi,  Managing Partner,  Parisi Speed School 



I thought working with you one-on-one was time incredibly well spent and very enjoyable!
Jeff Bialek,  Director of Sales,  ARAcontent


IEA, Inc.

Because of our work with you, our clients are getting more out of our training sessions. We have used many of the tools, tricks and techniques that you taught to us to really excel at delivering our message. We look forward to working with you in the future.
Megan Rooney,  Environmental, Health, and Safety Division Manager,

St. Paul Port Authority

Thanks so much for everything you’ve done for the Port Authority. Your work has made a world of difference. You’re very good at what you do!
Lorrie Louder,  Vice President Development,  St. Paul Port Authority


Wagner Group

The attendees from all the training sessions were unanimous in their evaluations and said that the training was excellent. We are more than happy to be a reference and are looking forward to working again with you in the future.
Juergen Jahn,  Global Executive Vice President – Human Resources
Wagner Group


St. Jude Medical

The presentation training exceeded our expectations. You gave us so many new ideas of how to make our presentations substantially better. We are all very excited to start implementing what we have learned.
Mike Zagger,  Sr. VP Marketing,  St. Jude Medical


OPIN Apprentice Program

Our entire team found the training to be very beneficial. The format had us evaluating and practicing changes right away. Without a doubt very worthwhile.
Troy Austian,  Director,  OPIN Apprentice Program


First Commercial Bank

The commencement speech you helped me write and rehearse for the Graduate School of Banking was extremely well received. I had countless requests to forward the speech after the talk. One long term board member commented that, ‘this was the best commencement speech I’ve ever heard at the school.’ Thanks for helping make this speech a success and please feel free to use me as a reference.
Brad Meier,  President & CEO,  First Commercial Bank


Metropolitan Airports Commission

Had a big budget presentation earlier this month. It went great. Got compliments from the Executive Director and the Chairman of our governing Board. Thanks again for all your help and Happy Holidays.
Bob Schauer,  Director of Finance,  Metropolitan Airports Commission



Beckloff Associates

Your references praised your work. Now, as a client, I too am very impressed with the presentations you have developed. You are highly professional and know how to communicate what matters. I look forward to many other projects together.
Mike Beckloff,  President/CEO,  Beckloff Associates


TKDA Engineering

Good news, we won the project. Thank you for all your help on the interview presentation. Your insight was extremely helpful and I hope we can work together on future projects.
Christine Wiegert,  Vice President Marketing,  TKDA Engineering


Minnesota Cup

What you have done for our participants is fantastic. At the grand prize review board, the judges were universal in their comments that the finalists had delivered great presentations. It was clear that the coaching you provided made a huge impact on the performance of these presenters.
Scott Litman,  Co-Founder,  Minnesota Cup


Land O’Lakes, Inc.

My presentation was very well received. You did an excellent job of taking a highly technical topic and turning into a story both researchers and practitioners can understand and find interesting. Not to mention all the great PowerPoint tricks I learned in the process!
Mary Ellen Berger,  Business Process Analyst, Winfield Solutions
Land O’Lakes, Inc


We had great feedback on your program. It went very well and everyone learned a lot regarding making their presentations better.
Mark Schmidt,  Director Sales and Marketing,  Betaseed



Your program on how to create and deliver better presentations was very well received. Many positive comments were given and every attendee felt the time was very beneficial.
Steve Haarstad,  Global Training Manager,  Emerson


Merrill Corporation

I received lots of positive comments regarding my most recent presentation. It wouldn’t have been as effective or as polished without your feedback and guidance. I look forward to working together on my next talk.
Brad Smuland,  Sr. VP of Technology,  Merrill Corporation


Social Venture Partners of Minnesota

Your training and coaching has been invaluable to our Social Entrepreneur’s Cup finalists. With your help the presentations at our annual conference have been more engaging and compelling. We look forward to working with you again this year.
Brad Brown,  Executive Director,  Social Venture Partners of Minnesota


The presentation went great. It was one of best I’ve given so thanks for all of your help.
Chad Gross,  COO,  EMSI

St. Jude Medical

I have attended a lot of business workshops and seminars during my career. Your program is the best professional training I have been to in years.
Mike Armstrong,  Field Sales Trainer,  St. Jude Medical


Minnesota Women in Marketing and Communications

You were real, you were engaging and you shared information that our audience could begin using RIGHT AWAY. We couldn’t have asked for more.
Rebecca Martin,  Minnesota Women in Marketing and Communications


Hearth Connection

We’ve enjoyed your training programs. The comments from attendees have been very positive. Your programs have been a valuable resource for our staff and we look forward to working with you again in the future.
Patti Hague,  Operations Director,  Hearth Connection


Express Messenger International

The presentation was very well received. They requested a copy after the meeting to share with those that could not be in attendance. Thanks for all your help. It felt good going in with such a high quality presentation. Will call you again when the opportunity presents itself.
Camila Drahn,  Account Manager,  Express Messenger International



Thanks for your help in prepping me for my most recent presentation. You did an amazing job and I found value in our time together. The presentation went well – it may be the best presentation I’ll do all year.
Stacy Van Meter,  Talent Community Manager,  Deluxe


We have worked with your organization for a number of years. Over that time, we have received a lot of value from your presentation coaching and training. We especially appreciate that you have taken the time to understand our business and make each program relevant to our needs.
Mike Beddor,  CEO,  Japs-Olson


The training exceeded expectations. I heard many positive comments during and after the session. I cannot thank you enough.
Dawn Pearson,  MN Chapter,  IPMA


SPS Commerce

Thanks for your help last week. Based on the quality of our presentations, your coaching proved very helpful. The Customer Council was a success and we had a lot of great feedback on the content and the quality of speakers.
Eric Chaffee,  Director of Product Management,  SPS Commerce

Premium Waters

Thank you for your assistance with the presentation. It would not have been a success without the tools and guidance you provided.
Dan Johnson,  Director IT,  Premium Waters


Sebesta Blomberg

I just want to personally thank you for all your help and insight on the interview for this proposal. I know without your help our odds of winning would have been slim.
Dave Harrison,  Vice President/Partner,  Sebesta Blomberg


Health Dimensions Group

Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation on Tuesday!! I learned a lot – and I know the team did as well.
Leah Lindgren,  Senior Consultant,  Health Dimensions Group


Global Traffic Technologies

The training was an overwhelming success. The feedback from everyone who participated was extremely positive, but more importantly, they were engaged throughout the program and walked away with more confidence and a better process for communicating to our customers and prospects. Your program was well worth the time and money.
Doug Roberts,  CEO,  Global Traffic Technologies


Minnesota Cup

Thanks again for the wonderful training session! Every year I receive great feedback from the training that you do for us and this year was no different. You are such an asset to our organization and I really appreciate everything you do for our presenters!
Matt Hilker,  Director,  Minnesota Cup


Mocon, Inc.

Thanks for playing a key part in the success of our annual sales meeting. Your assistance in my opening speech was very much appreciated and it resulted in a much improved presentation. In addition, the presentation training for the sales team was very well received. We look forward to working with you again.
Betty Kauffman,  National Sales Manager – Permeation and Testing Services, Mocon, Inc.


Valspar – Latin America

Thanks for your outstanding presentation and training for our team. The feedback from everyone was that it was great.
Clayton C. Nogueira,  CFO,  Valspar – Latin America


Ameripride Services, Inc.

Thank you for an outstanding job and I look forward to working with you more this year!
Al Ertz,  Director North American Plant Operations,  Ameripride


Hamon Deltak, Inc.

The group was unanimous. The training was a success and we all learned a great deal. As one participant said, “Great insights into presentations even for those who have a lot of experience.”
Tiffany Crandall,  Marketing Manager,  Hamon Deltak, Inc.


SPS Commerce

You did a spectacular job preparing our speakers, myself included, for our Customer Council. Thanks again, you are a truly talented professional!
Peter Zaballos,  VP Marketing,  SPS Commerce



We just presented the new sales presentation to the sales team. They rated the presentation a 9.46 out of 10. Everyone was very impressed!!! We exceeded expectations and thanks for your help creating this new sales presentation.
Todd Jacobs,  CTO,  AbeTech



Thanks for all the great work on our investor presentation. We especially appreciated the quick turnaround.
Mac Lewis,  CEO,  FieldSolutions 

Winfield Solutions/Land O’ Lakes

The session was exactly what we were looking for. My group found the training very valuable, especially the tools, examples and exercises for making financial information more relevant and understandable to our audience.
Lawrence Hooks,  Director of Finance,  Winfield Solutions/Land O’ Lakes  


Cachet Financial Solutions

The sales presentation training program was amazing! Everyone who participated saw significant improvement in their confidence, delivery and content. Your program was one of the best investments we’ve made in a long time. We are already planning to have you back.
Judy German,  Vice President,Chief Marketing Officer,  Cachet Financial Solutions


Amerpride Services, Inc.

We have just completed 7 webinars that we felt were fantastic! Thanks for all of your insight, we would not have come close to creating such great webinars without your involvement!
Scott Kieland,  Amerpride



Your Executive Speaking Development program was off the charts. The feedback was on target and very helpful. I especially appreciated all the new tools and concepts that will be very useful. We look forward to having you work with other members of our team in the future. Does this additional text show up?
Brad Boring,  Central Area Sales Manager,  Sirtex


Data Solutions Inc.

Thanks for your help with our most recent presentation – it made a big difference. Everyone was fully engaged and we received good feedback throughout.
Jeff Stoner,  VP – Strategic Accounts & Product Strategy,  Data Solutions Inc.


SPS Commerce

Thanks for all your help. I got a lot of great feedback about my presentation – that it was very professional and well presented!
Christina Borglund,  Product Manager,  SPS Commerce



The presentation training sessions were great. Based on the feedback, I know our team members took a lot away with them.
Liz Merry,  Program Development Analyst,  Optum


Valspar Corporation

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for a VERY successful training session these past two days. This was one of the most practical and applicable learning events that I have ever attended – the takeaways are invaluable. As instructors, you were more than excellent. I will certainly recommend this class to others.
Joyce Olson,  Finance Manager,  Valspar Corporation  


Reliable Property Services

We had very positive feedback to your sales presentation training. In fact, of all the training we have done, this is the one program that has had the greatest value.  After the session we applied the learnings to a big pitch we had coming up and won the project.  Looking forward to working with you again.
David Ketcham,  Vice President and National Sales Manager,  Reliable Property Services


Reliable Proberty Svcs

Resources for Creative Change, Inc.

The “Become a More Confident Speaker” program is one of the best workshops I’ve taken in a long time. Really well done.
Katherine M. Curran, Ph.D.,  President,  Resources for Creative Change, Inc.

Frerichs Construction

Our team found the training to be very valuable. We especially like the tools you provided to help us better prepare for new business presentations.  In fact, we were selected as the general contractor on a recent project where we applied the principles that we learned during the training.
Chris Zuspann,  President,  Frerichs Construction



Camp Fire Minnesota

Our Annual Meeting was a huge success! I delivered one of my best speeches to date. The work with you was truly transformational and I look forward to developing our next talk together.
Marnie Wells,  CEO,  Camp Fire Minnesota


Russick Group

Thank you for all your fantastic work on the investor presentation.  It clearly articulated the key messages and the investors “got it” right away.   I look forward to working with you again.  Let me know if you ever need a reference, I’m happy to share all good things about Spoken Impact.
Sara Russick,  Director,  Russick Group

Aeration Industries

Everybody gave your program very high marks. Most importantly we got a lot out of the training. I saw a lot of improvement in the presentations the next day.
Patrick Ingle,  Director, North American Sales,  Aeration Industries

Aeration Industries

Japs-Olson Company

Your magic worked wonders. My acceptance speech went well. I received many compliments thanks to your great coaching. Thank you so much!
Debbie Roth,  Vice President, Sales and Marketing,  Japs-Olson Company

Twin Cities Business Magazine

Everybody loved the training. They all came back telling other staff members how helpful it was. Your training is always great.
Shelly Elmore,  Publisher,  Twin Cities Business Magazine


The Minnesota Entrepreneurs

Spoken Impact understands what it takes to create an effective investment presentation. I would heartily recommend your services. I also found the quality of your presentation and materials to be very high. You are right on target for meeting the needs of investors. Thanks for such a great presentation.
Ed Palmer,  President,  The Minnesota Entrepreneurs



You provide a valuable service that is well worth the time, effort and money invested.
Mike Peterson,  President,  ShopCloseBuy.com


Harbinger Medical

I’ve received many favorable comments about our presentation. You really know what you are doing. Thanks for all the help
Byron Gilman,  President,  Harbinger Medical


World of Shakespeare/Globe of America

Many thanks for your work on the Globe of America project. It was superb. After our meeting numerous people said the work you did on the presentation was “a class act” and I agree.
David Fox-Brenton,  Founder/President
World of Shakespeare/Globe of America




You do nice work. Feel free to use us as a reference any time.
Craig Fawcet


Entrepreneurs for Hire

I really enjoyed the process of working with Spoken Impact. Their feedback and ideas really helped me deliver a more exciting and effective presentation.
Eric Strauss,  President,  Entrepreneurs for Hire


Great Job! A real professional who helped me streamline our investor presentation and deliver it far more effectively.
Mark Tudor,  CEO,  ObjectFX




We really like our presentation after working with Spoken Impact. The time and money was well spent.
Karen Arnold,  President,  Nanocopeia


Spoken Impact assists entrepreneurs at NetSuds events by giving them real world coaching on how to pitch their companies to investors. The services are valuable, delivered with enthusiasm and energy and, most importantly, effective.
Matt Noah,  CEO,  NetSuds


Smead Manufacturing

My time and investment was well made with Spoken Impact. After working with you, I received the most positive feedback ever, from the audience. Your communication and coaching skills are as good or better than your excellent analytical skills. If you need a reference just have them call me.
Scott Ward,  Director of Software Products,  Smead Manufacturing



Thanks for all your help. Not only did Spoken Impact do a great job helping me construct a professional looking presentation, but you were able to do it in a highly efficient manner with minimal impact to my busy schedule. You guys know what you are doing! I will definitely use your services again in the future.
Dennis Wahr,  CEO,  Velocimed




You did a wonderful job with our annual meeting presentation. Your expertise in developing a well-crafted message to investors, as well as the ability to create strong PowerPoint visuals, resulted in a dynamic presentation.
John Lewis,  CFO,  XATA



Sherpa Partners

Your services were very much appreciated. Thanks for helping us make our conference a success.
Rick Brimacomb,  Partner,  Sherpa Partners


Working with Spoken Impact enabled us to change our presentation into one that was directed towards our audience in an innovative and clear format and to create the results we had hoped for.
Paul K Rodman,  President & CEO,  whpwireless



TC Rotara

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to present to us last night. I had many people come up to me afterward and say that this was great information and you were a great speaker. Someone else said, “Now this is what professional development should be about in our club every meeting.”
Ryan Kanne,  Programs,  TC Rotary

Medisyn Technologies

Spoken Impact’s ability to analyze and make recommendations on improvements in our presentation was much appreciated. In particular, your grasp of how to tell our story in a visual format with PowerPoint made for a much stronger presentation.
David Land,  President,  Medisyn Technologies




My presentation was well received and frankly stood out from others as being entertaining, interesting and a memorable story. Most importantly, it was enjoyable to present. Thanks for all your help.
Peter Towner,  Japs-Olson



Leapfrog Strategies

I want to say a big THANK YOU to you for all your help. Your insights were extremely helpful in planning the session. You do an outstanding job and I will gladly refer your name on to anyone who needs what you do.
Jill Konrath,  President,  Leapfrog Strategies



Magnum Technologies

Spoken Impact has a unique ability to quickly understand a complex business and help develop the key message that customers and investors can understand. Their help made all the difference in our ability to give a great presentation to investors at the annual Venture Capital Conference.
Greg Crow,  President,  Magnum Technologies



Electric Resource

I used many of the tools you covered in your seminar when preparing for my next speaking engagement. The final presentation went beautifully. Thanks again for a terrific learning experience.
Robin Neidorf,  President,  Electric Resource

University of St. Thomas

You are a dynamic presenter and instructor who not only connects with your audience, but provides them with top-notch content and ample opportunities to expand their own presentation skills. I have thoroughly enjoyed your professional, yet easy going style and would hire you back in a minute.
Sarah Coppok,  Program Manager,  University of St. Thomas




Your coaching and presentation design were very valuable.
Scott A. Thiele,  CEO & President,  HIPAAnswers




Great coaching session – nice work.
Joel Turnipseed,  CTO,  Archermedia



Telecom Accountant

It was valuable to have Spoken Impact critique our presentation. You provided some great input.
Steve Lambros,  CEO,  Telecom Accountant



Brilliant Living

Spoken Impact has a tremendous capacity to bring something complex into simple form so that others can clearly understand it.
Mary Reigner,  Founder,  Brilliant Living



Jim Adam

I really appreciated your thoughtful input on content and helpful suggestions on delivery of the Blizzard Genomics presentation. Thanks.
Jim Adam,  President,  Blizzard Genomics



Cardial Care

It is difficult in one or two sentences to say how much I enjoyed and learned from your services. On every aspect working with you gave me confidence, good tips and better slides.
Jean-Paul Rasschaert,  VP Sales,  Cardial Care



Eagle’s Flight

Thanks for your fantastic presentation. I’ve shared with a number of people your model for how to make a great presentation. It truly was food for the soul.
Julie Wylie,  Eagle’s Flight

Volkart May

Spoken Impact’s process helped us deliver a more meaningful and successful presentation.
Bruce Volkart,  President,  Volkart May

Micropure Medical

Spoken Impact was of great value to me in the process. You helped clarify what we needed to communicate and how best to communicate our message to our audience. Often times we are too close to the subject to see clearly how best to get our point across.
Tom Brust,  CEO,  Micropure Medical



Inlet Medical

Great suggestions that improved our investment presentation and helped us create a more visually exciting message.
Lee Jones,  CEO,  Inlet Medical



MN Project Innovation

Attendees responded very positively to Spoken Impact’s Investment Presentation workshop. We would definitely have Spoken Impact back to conduct the program again.
Pat Dillon,  Director,  MN Project Innovation

Triton Systems

Thanks for all your input and help in making our presentation. I don’t know if we could have pulled it all together without Spoken Impact.
Doug Gwost,  VP,  Triton Systems

Minnesota High Tech Association

Thank so much for a great session this morning. I heard great comments from the attendees. I really appreciate all your hard work and research that went into making it a huge success!
Sara Stark,  Director of Industry Events,  Minnesota High Tech Association




The counsel was enormously helpful.
Crystal Yngve,  CFO and Founder,  FreightStats.com


Thank you for your assistance with our investment presentation. I have had excellent feedback from the attendees. I wanted to send my personal thanks for helping make it special.
Fred Haase,  CEO,  EduMed

University of MN Dept of Family and Children

Your workshop kept our group actively involved throughout. You had effective visual prompts, great questions, and a super sense of humor. The tips were practical and immediately applicable. We’d definitely recommend you to others.
Jane Plihal,  Director,  University of MN Dept of Family and Children

Pure Innovations

The excellent interactive process of preparing our investor presentation with Spoken Impact was both fun and very productive. The experience and skill of the team at Spoken Impact was valuable in helping us to us to stay focused on the critical components and the result was a presentation that was attractive, informative, concise and effective.
Jonathan Dancing,  Partner,  Pure Innovations


You gave our group of CEOs a real education on public speaking and, specifically, presentations to prospective investors. Your company is a valuable, very experienced executive coaching resource I can highly recommend.
Rich Daly,  President,  CONSATECH


Spoken Impact devoted a lot of time and attention to every aspect of our presentation. They are very knowledgeable in the appropriate use of Power Point as a presentation tool. The attention to detail and diligent focus was impressive.
Nazie Eftekhari,  Chairman & Founder,  HealthEZ



Social Venture Partners

We couldn’t have done our annual meeting without you! The PowerPoint presentation that Spoken Impact created was fantastic. I particularly liked how you simplified the grant process into an easy to understand visual format.
Susan Voigt,  Board of Directors,  Social Venture Partners



Univ. of Minnesota

Very realistic and practical suggestions. I was able to use many ideas in my presentation the next week. It was time and money well spent.
Kevin A. Janni,  Ph.D. Dept of Biosystems & Agriculture
University of Minnesota



University of St. Thomas

You are an engaging speaker who “practices what you preach.”
Dr. Bonnie Holte Bennett,  Graduate Programs in Software
University of St. Thomas



Strategic Business Group

I just saw the new PowerPoint presentation that you developed for our client. Excellent! Very powerful and clear presentation. I am very impressed with your work.
Pat Grinde,  Principal,  Strategic Business Group


Working with Spoken Impact enabled me to strengthen both my presentation content and delivery. I would definitely hire them again.
Mark Summers,  CEO,  Medmar

St. Francis Foundation

Working with Spoken Impact enabled me to develop a top-notch Board presentation that put into motion the kind of change we need. I was able to accomplish a great deal in a short period of time with your assistance. Your process is very effective and personal. THANK YOU!
Kathy Larson,  Executive Director,  St. Francis Foundation



Terrific workshop on technical presentations. My group found the concepts and examples very helpful. We especially liked how it was delivered; it really helped us retain the concepts.
Mike Wieseler,  Dir Systems Engineering,  Xiotech




Spoken Impact gave a very insightful presentation to our group of CEOs and CFOs. They provided numerous helpful hints for powerful, concise and meaningful pitches and PowerPoint presentations. All too often, presentations are missed opportunities Spoken Impact is the missing link for entrepreneurs to tell their story so that it is heard!
Andy LaFrence,  Partner,  KPMG



Information Bionics

Spoken Impact helped us quickly communicate a very difficult concept to a lay audience. We now have a tight message we can take to potential investors. I would absolutely use Spoken Impact again for their consulting and PowerPoint services and highly recommend them to those making investment presentations.
John Bjelland,  CEO,  Information Bionics 


With Spoken Impact’s presentation help we were able to secure the funding we needed in a very short period of time. We now have a professional presentation with a clear message investors can understand.
Roark Schwagerl,  CEO,  Gabatan


I am very grateful for the work we did. Had I not prepared so well and so intentionally with Spoken Impact for the keynote address, I would most likely have never been as effective or dynamic.
Barb Ryan,  VP Sales,  Menttium



Women Venture

Spoken Impact provides the framework for creating a more purposeful and passionate message by asking the significant questions and keeping the focus on the presentation’s key purpose.
Tené Heidelberg,  President,  Women Venture




Very valuable. Spoken Impact taught in one session the investment presentation lessons it took me 30 presentations to learn.
Abraham Nemitz,  President,  HotIM



Minnesota Commission Serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing People

What a great model for convincing others of your proposals. I had an important meeting immediately following your workshop. I applied what I had learned and successfully pitched a program that was a long shot to a funder. I highly recommend your workshop.
Mary Hartnett,  Executive Director,  
Minnesota Commission Serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing People

Coherent Solutions

Spoken Impact’s coaching helped me deliver a crisp and clear Investor Presentation. We definitely plan to use them again.
Igor Epshteyn,  CEO,  Coherent Solutions



Business Edge Speaking Groups Terms & Conditions

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Cancellation/Change Policy

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  2. If you cancel in the one month period before start date you have two options:
    1. transfer registration to another person – and there is no charge or
    2. receive credit towards future Speaking Group program less our $150 set-up fee
  3. If you cancel after the program starts you will receive credit towards future Speaking Group program less $150 set-up fee and less $75 for each session you have attended. Credits for future groups are valid for six months from the date of the original registration.

Recorded Webinar Terms and Conditions

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