Terrific Technical Presentations

Terrific Technical Presentations

In a recent survey of corporate Vice Presidents, 44% said that most business presentations are "boring" or "unbearable." Technical presentations are the most problematic. This workshop addresses the unique challenges business professionals face communicating dry and information-heavy subjects. Specifically addressed is how to make your information easier for others to understand, more memorable and finally more interesting. Participants will be given a hands-on model they can use each time they put a presentation together. The morning starts off with our popular “Speaking Skills Boot Camp.” This section covers executive presence and the six delivery skills required to come across polished and confident. Then in the afternoon we show you how to better organize a presentation you have selected for this program. We will address techniques to make that information more clear, interesting and relevant. Plus we discuss how to make your PowerPoint more visual and engaging. Everyone has homework that evening to rework their presentation. The morning of the second day kicks off with the “improved” presentations. Everyone gets feedback from the group and trainers on these presentations. We are often told that this portion of the program provides the most significant learning experience. The afternoon of the second day is focused on how to handle questions and answer sessions and think and speak on your feet. Participants are videotaped. And the CD is theirs to keep.

When you leave this session you will have learned:

  • How to come across confident and polished when you speak
  • The step-by-step process for making any presentation relevant and interesting
  • 23 different presentation templates for the body of your content
  • Why going beyond information to insight creates value for your audience (and how to do it)
  • Nine ways to make presentations more interesting and memorable
  • Tactics for explaining concepts to both lay and non-lay audiences
  • How to introduce new ideas using metaphor and analogy
  • How to properly present using PowerPoint so that you stay engaged with your audience
  • The PEP formula for explaining information
  • How best to show and discuss numbers and data
  • How to answer complicated and challenging questions
  • Six ways to think and speak on your feet more effectively

Session Length:

Two Day Workshop



I was impressed with the significant improvement I saw in just one day with our group. All their comments about the program were very favorable. We look forward to working with you again in the future.
Jackie McMartin, Group VP of Human Resources,
Wagner Spray Tech

I am seeing tangible benefit from your training with my team. Several in our group have considerably improved their presentation style. My satisfaction level is very high.
Bob Paine, VP Regional Field Marketing,
Dairy Queen International

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