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Beyond Information to Insight - Better Business Updates

Business updates have become critical communication tools for getting information spread within an organization. Unfortunately, many of these updates fail to share information in a well organized, concise and insightful manner.  This program provides you with a process for going beyond sharing information to sharing insight that is useful and relevant for your audience.  More

Length: 50 min.


Business Writing for Today’s Fast-Paced World


Wordy, illogical, and directionless communication is costing everyone time and money. How do you make it easy for your reader to proceed ahead and get to what matters and act on it? It means applying four “green light” rules to every memo, letter, and e-mail. Included is a bonus section on how to make all your e-mail communication more effective.  More

Length: 50 min.

Common Mistakes in PowerPoint and How to Fix Them


More and more, we depend on PowerPoint as our primary communication tool. It has become essential that we take our presentations beyond the slide after slide of bullet points and text. This webinar covers six common mistakes when using PowerPoint. For each mistake numerous examples are given regarding how to combat it. More

Length: 50 min.

Confident “Think and Speak” Communications


Most communication is informal and impromptu; therefore, we can be far more effective if we use a process to think and speak on our feet more strategically. How often have you been asked an important question or to provide a quick update, and felt afterwards that you should have responded differently? This session will discuss six typical problem areas and how to remedy them. More

Length: 50 min.

Creating Better Webinar Presentations


Have you ever wondered how to use webinar technology like polls, annotation tools, demonstrations, chat and white boards so that your participants stay engaged? We’ll discuss how best to adapt your presentation in four areas (PowerPoint, content, technology and engagement) so that your presentation becomes an enjoyable and effective web experience. More

Length: 50 min.

Get Your Point Across and Make it Stick


Our success as a communicator depends on having a point, getting it across to our listeners, and making it stick. We’ll give you a three-step process to achieve this. This process includes better identifying your point, rewording your point so that your listeners get it and supporting your point with examples so that it’s understandable, memorable and actionable. More

Length: 50 min.

Give Meaning to Information


How do you get a large amount of information across to your audience without overwhelming them? In this session we’ll show you how to take lots of information and transform it from bullet points to valid and interesting concepts. The key is a four step process that you can apply to any handout or slide. More

Length: 50 min.

Numbers Don’t Speak for Themselves

numbersWhether you have research to share, statistics to communicate or financials to explain, you have data and numbers that can be deadly to your audience and the message you are trying to get across. We’ll show you how to combat the number problem using four major tactics that will turn your data and numbers from abstract words to valid and interesting concepts. More

Length: 50 min.

Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety

overcome_anxietyMost of us have experienced some form of public speaking anxiety when delivering a talk or presentation. The good news is that it can be significantly reduced or eliminated. The key is to understand how anxiety manifests itself and to apply one or more of the 15 tools from this program to control your anxiety before it begins. This program includes a planning tool for reducing anxiety going forward. More

Length: 50 min.

Seven Habits of a Highly Effective Presenter

seven_habitsYou’ve been asked to present to your group, customers or the management team. How do you keep your audience engaged, and make your presentation interesting? It requires doing three things well: relevant and interesting content, polished delivery and engaging PowerPoint slides. Hear seven ideas for making you and your presentations far more effective. More

Length: 50 min.

Seven Keys of Persuasion

7_keysBeing able to communicate your ideas and persuade others of their merit is considered one of the most important communication skills you can have. We will address the unique challenges of persuasive communications and provide tools you can use that really work. Using an illustrative case study, you will learn the seven keys that will win you more approvals. More

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Will use lots of these ideas - also a great refresher for things I know but sometimes get lazy about. 🙂

You did a great job of practicing what you preach! Nicely done!

Great presenters...very engaging!!

Excellent! I look forward to sharing this with the Subject Matter Experts that I work with and who actually do the presentations.

I thought that it was very good and gave me a lot of helpful hints or ideas to help improve future presentations. Thank you!

What a great way to model the information you presented.

The content of the program was very comprehensive.

Excellent speaking and visuals to understand the concepts.

I love it!

Can we have more presentations by you? You guys are really good!

Very Great Presentation- I wish more people could present as well.

I would like to see more presentations like this one - effective and concise!

I thought the presenters did a good job of walking through the five columns & providing background - history was very interesting!

You gave information that makes you think about what you are doing in a different way.

Everyone should take this class! I liked the interaction - kept me engaged!

Very worthwhile. Fast paced and informative.

Excellent, informative, easy to follow and understand.

This was one of the best webinars I've participated in.

The presentation was very helpful. There was a lot of information that I am looking forward to trying.

I have some concrete ideas which I can apply which is very timely since we're looking at changing how we develop our programs.

I liked the two examples of how to use the three steps, the group interaction and timeframe was just right .

Good info, moved at a great pace, tons of interaction with the audience.

The interactive portion was the most valuable and interesting.

I thought the Webinar training session today was awesome!!!! 

Simple yet very practical. I believe the material in this class will be very helpful.

I am glad that I attended, as there were a lot of eye opening skills.

Great interaction and engagement with check marks and highlighting.

Very helpful information. Nice concise presentation!

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