Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety

Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety

Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety

Plus 15 Ways to Come Across Calm and Natural When you Speak

There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t experienced some form of public speaking anxiety. Many of us assume that no one experiences it as much or in the same way as we do. In reality most of us have experienced anxiety ranging from mild discomfort to borderline panic attack. The good news is that it can be significantly reduced or eliminated. The key is to understand how anxiety manifests itself and apply one or more of the 15 tools from this program to control your anxiety before it begins.

Being a calm and effective communicator is an important skill for any business person. Learn about the anxiety grid for assessing your exposure and the “Three Phase” model for stopping anxiety before it gets out of control. In addition find out what others have found effective. This program includes a planning tool for reducing anxiety going forward. After this workshop you will better understand your anxiety triggers and how to minimize or neutralize them. With these tools you can start saying yes to speaking opportunities that are good for your business and for your career.

When you leave this session you will have learned:

  • The psychology behind what makes us anxious and what experts recommend you do to combat it
  • 15 proven ways to reduce presentation anxiety – plus many more
  • How to use the anxiety grid to better understand your unique issues
  • What secret weapon you can use to put yourself in control every time
  • Why some people experience more anxiety than others
  • Why you are not alone in needing help with anxiety
  • How to come across calm and natural no matter how you feel inside

Session Length: One Hour
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I was impressed with the significant improvement I saw in just one day with our group. All their comments about the program were very favorable. We look forward to working  with you again in the future.
Jackie McMartin, Group VP of
Human Resources,
Wagner Spray Tech

I am seeing tangible benefit from your training with my team.  Several in our group have considerably improved their presentation style. My satisfaction level is very high.
Bob Paine, VP Regional
Field Marketing,
Dairy Queen International

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