Delivering a Winning Investment Presentation

Delivering a Winning Investment Presentation

You have one chance to present your business plan; one chance to tell the story as to why you have such an exciting and compelling investment opportunity. So how do you get potential investors interested in your business opportunity?

The answer is to create a story that shows your solution supported by a compelling business plan that addresses all of the questions your audience is asking. Based on work with entrepreneurs who were pitching their businesses, and feedback from venture capitalists, Spoken Impact has developed a comprehensive model for creating winning investment presentations. This model covers the key topics and questions that you need to address plus offers a guide for how to put your presentation together. In this session you will also learn the six tips for how to make your presentation exciting plus see countless examples of how others have created great investor presentations.

What you will learn: 

  • How to begin your presentation so it grabs the audience
  • How to quickly explain what you do so others get it
  • How to identify and showcase your unique winning components
  • What to include in a 10 minute pitch
  • How much information to cover
  • The one model to use to cover key topics and address investor questions
  • Mistakes to avoid when pitching to potential investors
  • How to layout slides so they are visually engaging
  • How to make your message stand out from the rest
  • The importance of Executive Presence and how to polish your delivery to be confident and commanding

Session Length: One Hour



I was impressed with the significant improvement I saw in just one day with our group. All their comments about the program were very favorable. We look forward to working with you again in the future.
Jackie McMartin, Group VP of Human Resources,
Wagner Spray Tech

I am seeing tangible benefit from your training with my team. Several in our group have considerably improved their presentation style. My satisfaction level is very high.
Bob Paine, VP Regional Field Marketing,
Dairy Queen International

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