Creating and Delivering Memorable Presentations (Mid-Management)

Creating and Delivering Memorable Presentations (Mid-Management)

The Executive's Voice

WebButton_LiveTrainingMore than likely you have been a subject matter expert within your organization and are looked to for that expertise. As your position has evolved, you’ve received more and more requests to make presentations to the team, top management and even outside the organization. These presentations are becoming increasingly more important. So what do you need to put together presentations that are relevant, to the point, memorable and well delivered? This program addresses the tools, tips and techniques you can use to master creating and delivering effective presentations. The morning of the first day will focus on presentation delivery skills. We will look at what it takes to be an authentic speaker and how to develop your executive presence when you are in front of an audience. In the afternoon we will look at the process for creating, and or customizing, each presentation so that it is relevant and “on message” for your audience. The second day offers more examples and opportunities to develop and present engaging, interesting and memorable presentations. Topics such as how to create an engaging opener, how to keep your content interesting, how to actively get your audience involved will be covered. We’ll also discuss how to make your message stick and what it takes to persuade others of your ideas. Both days include numerous opportunities for everyone in the group to present and practice the skills being discussed. Presentations will be videotaped. There is feedback during the program on both content and delivery. An optional one hour follow-up with each individual is available.

When leave this session you will have learned:

  • What it means to be an authentic speaker and the five elements of executive presence
  • The four basic components for all your presentations
  • Templates for more than 12 different types of presentations
  • 15 techniques you can use to come across calm and natural
  • Five questions to ask about your audience to help you make your presentation more relevant
  • How to create a memorable key message
  • 21 attention-getting openers
  • How to use the “So What?” tool to make your content more succinct
  • Four persuasion techniques that will help convince others of your ideas
  • The PEP formula and 18 ideas for creating examples
  • Six ideas for creating visuals that are more professional and interesting
  • How to use PowerPoint more effectively
  • How to create and come up with ideas for business stories
  • How to use mind mapping to develop content for your presentations
  • The six Ws and how to make your presentations more visual
  • How to use and come up with metaphors and analogies
  • How to tap your own unique experiences, style and passion to create a far more engaging and effective presentation

Session Length:

Two Days



I was impressed with the significant improvement I saw in just one day with our group. All their comments    about the program were very favorable. We look forward to working with you again in the future.
Jackie McMartin, Group VP of Human Resources,
Wagner Spray Tech

I am seeing tangible benefit   from your training with my team. Several in our group have considerably improved their presentation style. My satisfaction level is very high.
Bob Paine, VP Regional Field Marketing,
Dairy Queen Internationall

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