Open With a Seasonal Reference

TRD097aEveryone loves a good story. It can be a perfect way to open your speech, especially if it fits the season. The start of the baseball season provided one presenter with this perfect story.

He began by saying, "Since this is the first week of a new baseball season, I thought it would be fitting to open with a story about a home run-hitting farm boy from my home state of Mississippi. This fellow could hit a baseball a country mile, as they say. So one of the major-league teams invited him to spring training. Each week the young slugger wired his mother. The first week, he said: 'Dear Mom, Leading all batters. These pitchers are not so tough.'

"A week later he boasted: 'Looks like I will be a starting outfielder. Now hitting .500.'

"But early in the third week, the young man's mother got this wire: 'Dear Mom, it said, They started throwing curves. Will be home Friday.'

Using this story as a springboard for his topic, the presenter told his audience that success - whether it's baseball or business - is not a one-or-two week hot streak. Real success is long term. And it usually comes as a result of our ability to deal with the nasty curves, the bad hops, the slumps - all of the things that don't go our way.

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