Make Your Key Message Stand Out in Lights

deliveryHow do you make sure that your audience walks away remembering your key message long after your presentation is over? Look for creative ways to deliver the message with props or by involving the audience.

One of our clients used both of those techniques when she presented her company's unique 9-step process for creating client designs at the Annual Graphic Designers Conference.

She realized that her audience probably knew that using a process was a good idea, but they might be thinking: "I know a process is good, but who can stick to it when you're under a lot of pressure to meet deadlines."

Her key message became "The process makes the difference: Stick to it"

To reinforce her message, she put Post-it notes on everyone's chair. Then towards the end of her presentation, she asked everyone to write down a process they used or one that she mentioned and share it with a neighbor. After they had shared with one another, she asked for volunteers to come up to the microphone and share processes that make a difference.

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