Looking for a Way to Engage Your Audience?

deliveryIf you have several topics you want to cover in your talk, how about getting your audience to help you announce the topics? Our client, Lee Roper-Batker, President of the Women's Foundation of Minnesota, used this method recently to great success.

Lee recently spoke at a fundraising event where she introduced the five cornerstone initiatives for the foundation. Instead of listing off the five cornerstones, I suggested she get the audience to do that for her. So before her talk she handed five audience members a slip of paper numbered 1-5 along with its corresponding initiative.

During the speech, when Lee was ready to talk about an initiative, she asked the audience member with the slip of paper numbered one to read out the initiative. Lee made her comments and then called for volunteer number two to stand and read that initiative. She did this until all five were covered. She said it worked beautifully.

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