Inspire Your Listeners by Sharing a Personal Experience

TRD097aIf your goal is to inspire your audience, you must do more than educate them on your topic. You must share stories from your own life. Here's one story Jane Goodall shares with her audiences to inspire them to believe they can make a difference in the world.

Jane grew up in London and on weekends her family went to the southern shores to visit her grandparents. She often spent many hours at the cliffs along the shores watching the wildlife. In particular, she loved watching the many birds that would gracefully fly with the wind.

On one visit, her mother accompanied her to the cliffs. As they were watching the seagulls and sparrows, her mother exclaimed: Look Jane – an eagle! And sure enough among the birds an eagle appeared – grander and more elegant than all the other birds.

They watched as the eagle soared higher and higher – leaving all the seagulls and sparrows behind. "That will be me one day," Jane thought to herself. Her hopes and dreams felt grand – like that eagle.

Then all of a sudden a tiny face appeared out of the tufts of eagle feathers. It was a little sparrow that had hidden itself under the folds of the wing. It slowly moved out from under the feathers and then effortlessly took off to soar even higher than the eagle had flown.

It was then that Jane realized she had been wrong. She didn't need to aspire to be the grand eagle. In reality she was the little sparrow – and she would do great things by working with others who would provide the support of eagle's wings.

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