Ideas to Engage Your Audience

Think back to the last presentation you heard.  Was it engaging and captivating?  Did you find yourself anticipating what was coming next? Were you pulled into the presentation by the presenter?  Most likely you answered no to all of these questions.  Unfortunately, most business presentations lack audience engagement and leave use feeling uninterested.  When you are uninterested your mind wanders to any place it can go.  It’s common to see audience members looking at their smart phones, talking to each other, or just plain dozing off.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  A business presentation doesn’t have to be a black hole that sucks your time away.

The best way to create audience engagement when you’re the presenter is to create active minds and active bodies.  It sounds so simple and it is.  Make any business presentation come to life with the use of these five ideas:

  1. Have your audience solve a problem.
  2. Ask questions throughout your talk.
  3. Conduct a quiz or survey for emphasis.
  4. Have a discussion and learn about your audience.
  5. Do an activity or an exercise to illustrate a point.

If you typically shy away from involving the audience in your talk, your message may be falling on deaf ears.  The next time you put together a presentation give these ideas a shot.  You might just enjoy what follows, and the audience might too.


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