How Should You Conclude a Speech?

A strong finish is as important as a strong start. Never skip your closing, even if your speech is cut short. This is the time to remind your audience what you want them to do and to get agreement on next steps. Aim for a final  crescendo  and leave your audience in a heightened emotional state and sense of closure. Here are fourteen ideas for an effective close.

  1. Summarize major points
  2. Tell a story
  3. Appeal to a nobler motive
  4. Challenge to act or be committed
  5. Restate key benefits to audience
  6. Give motivating statement
  7. Quote
  8. Dramatization of big idea
  9. Make a direct appeal
  10. Look ahead – visualize
  11. Ask rhetorical question
  12. Refer back to opener
  13. Qualities needed to achieve purpose
  14. Bonds between
    • you and audience
    • audience members to each other
    • audience to larger entity

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