How Do You Lighten Up Your Presentation Even If You Aren’t Naturally Funny?

deliverySo often we feel ourselves going on and on in a presentation and we long for a way to lighten up the atmosphere and reconnect with the audience. But if you are like many presenters, finding ways to add a light moment is not easy. One of the best techniques is to replace the expected with the unexpected. Next time try one of these two techniques.

# 1 – Add an unexpected testimonial

Our client Scott Bakken of MainTrax wanted to lighten up his company’s sales presentation. He had a number slides with examples of how their ad tracking software worked. On each slide he included a short testimonial of customers’ reactions when they learned what is really happening during their ad campaigns . To keep the presentation from becoming boring he added a real life testimonial that broke from what everyone expected. This slide gets laughs every time. What testimonial could you add that would break from the unexpected?


# 2 - Add an unexpected point to your bullet point list

Scott Geiger of GeigerBevolo presented at the Minnesota Health Strategy and Communications Network about the value of audio brands. During the presentation he shared how one goes about developing an audio brand. Do you sense a bullet point list coming here? Well he did have a bullet point list but the first item on the list wasn’t what the audience expected. They thought he was going to say ,”Start with a plan” instead his first bullet point was to create a committee to which everyone groaned because who wants to be on another committee. Then Scott smiled and said, "just kidding." He then used animation and crossed out his first point and continued with the list. What could you add to a list of bullet points that would lighten up your presentation?


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