How Can I Use Gestures More Effectively?

It's important to plan gestures that emphasize your point because they help the audience "see" what you mean. Here are some words that are commonly used and gestures that bring those words to life:

Common Words Gestures
Count; 1,2,3 Tick off with fingers
Up/Down Raise hand up or down
Big/Small Move hands apart or together
You/Me Point hand toward audience or self
Imagine Raise index finger up
Flat/Same Make a leveling gesture
Differences Show open palms
Power/Strong Make a closed fist
What/Why/When Use an open gesture
Before/Yesterday Gesture backward
Afterwards/Tomorrow Gesture forward

Remember to practice your gestures when you rehearse your speech. All it takes is a few practice sessions to become more relaxed and comfortable using them when you stand up in front of your audience to present.

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