Focus Your Audience on a Key Message

TRD097aYour key message is like a compass that keeps you on target when you present. It gives you direction and focuses your audience on what's most important. Here's how one of our clients developed a key message to help them compete against two other firms in a bid for a new project.

Our client had put together the following outline for their presentation:

  • Introduce the team
  • Talk about why the project is exciting
  • Explain they completed a similar project in another location
  • Address six things that came up in an informational meeting
  • Close by asking for the project

When we challenged them to think about the one thing that would set them apart, they said it was experience. We pointed out that the competitors also had experience, but our client had something unique: they'd done almost the exact same project before and with the same team.

The key message our client chose was simple, yet memorable: They organized their presentation around these two elements:

  • Same Team
  • Proven Process

In the close they repeated their key message and then said they wanted to add a 3rd point - great client - and spoke briefly about what an honor it would be to do the project.

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