Create A Story To Engage Your Audience

TRD097aWe can identify risks and control some of them, but we can't eliminate risk in our lives - not if we want to succeed. Here's how one speaker created a story of what could have happened in the past to communicate the power of risk-taking in the present.

She began by asking her audience to imagine pioneers of the 19th century traveling to St. Louis to get on a Conestoga Wagon for a trip to California. She told them they'll be traveling over a route that has never before been traveled and led by a guide who has little experience dealing with the elements that they are about to encounter.

Then, as they start to get in the wagon, the pioneers see a bright yellow sticker on the driver's seat. "Warning!" it says, "traveling across the U.S. by horse-drawn wagon is dangerous. The vehicle which you are riding has not been crash-tested by the National Transportation Safety Board. It has no airbags, no seat belts or other safety devices. You could be maimed, killed, or scalped by Indians; you could freeze or starve to death. We cannot guarantee that you will reach your destination safely."

She concluded by stating that in life there is no guarantee that we will get to our intended destination safely. But one thing is for sure: if we're not willing to risk trying, we'll never get there at all.

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