Customize your presentation’s color scheme

It's simple to do, and will help make you work more efficiently.

Choosing the colors to use in your presentation is really the challenging part! We covered that in our last newsletter. Now that you've done the hard work, make sure you set up your presentation so the colors you've chosen to be your default colors are right at hand and easily available to you.

How? Here are the steps.

1. First we'll get you to where you make the changes to your presentation's color scheme. Get to this screen by clicking on Format in the top menu bar, then Slide Design. Then you'll want to click on Color Schemes (which we've circled here in red).

2. Next, you'll want to click on Edit Color Schemes. You'll get a window that looks like this:

Here is where we control the colors that are assigned to the defaults in your presentation (for instance, the default background color, the default colors that are used for shadows, title text or objects you may draw. This also sets up the default colors for any graphs you create in this presentation.)

3. To change any of these defaults, you click on the color next to the item you want to change, in this screen shot, we've clicked on "Fills." Then click on the Change Color button, you'll get a window that looks like this:

This is where you would choose a new color from PowerPoint's Standard colors.


4. If you want to use a color that isn't on this palette, you need to choose on the Custom tab, and you will get a window that looks like this:

PowerPoint works with RGB (Red-Green-Blue) colors. So you will need to know the formula for any custom color you want to use. This screen is where you enter your custom RGB formulas and create your own colors.

What if I don't know the RGB formula for a color I want to use?
Let's say you wish to use a blue color that is in your logo as one of the presentations default colors, but you don't know the RGB formula for that shade of blue. Here is a link to a free tool you can download and use to figure out that formula.

Once you've downloaded this little program, when you're running it you can hold your mouse over any image on your screen and it will decipher the RGB formula of that image. This can be a very helpful tool! For instance, in the image below, we selected three different shades of blue from the presentation's template image that we will use in the presentation's color scheme.

So once you've entered the RGB formula here, click on ok.

You'll end up back at this screen. Just continue to adjust any of the colors here until you've built the color scheme you want. Now all the colors you've chosen will be a mouse-click or two away.

One more thing, if you love the color scheme you've just created, before you click on apply, be sure to click on the Add As Standard Scheme so that you save the scheme.

Again, when choosing colors, remember all the things we talked about last time. If you choose your colors carefully, creating your own custom Color Scheme is a breeze!

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