Does your PowerPoint need a facelift? Or maybe an extreme makeover?

Does your PowerPoint need a facelift? Or maybe an extreme makeover?

I speak with people every day about presentations. I meet them at networking events and luncheons, at business presentations and professional association meetings, and often the conversation turns to what we "do." So when I mention we help people become polished and confident public speakers who give memorable and effective presentations, a few common themes emerge from these conversations. One of the most prevalent themes is that people are just plain ole Tired of bad PowerPoint (and that's Tired with a capital "T!") They almost always go on to describe bad PowerPoint as "too much text crammed on each slide" or "boring bullet point slides that all look the same" and of course, everyone's favorite, "dull and monotonous slides that the presenter READS to me."

Does any of that sound familiar?

Now, I don't really believe these people are objecting to PowerPoint in general. What they're objecting to is the way it's commonly used. I'll be the first to say not every presentation even needs PowerPoint. A good presenter knows that in some of their talks, they can use their words to paint a picture in the audiences' minds or use a prop or two and be just as effective as if they showed a 30-slide presentation. But what about presentations that are explaining a process or include technical data or are complex or lengthy? It's been proven that people learn and retain information better when they hear and SEE the data. So this is where PowerPoint is a great tool, when it's used correctly!

Now to the question, does your PowerPoint need a facelift? (or heaven forbid, an extreme makeover!) I'd like you to start thinking about that. Step back and really give your presentation a look from your audiences’ perspective.

In our next issue, we'll introduce to you a "toxicity test" that you can apply to your presentation to help you answer that question.

While you're thinking about your presentation, I'll share with you a couple of examples of presentations that we "lifted" from toxic to terrific!

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