Take the PowerPoint Toxicity Test!

In our last newsletter, we introduced the concept of Toxic PowerPoint (see previous newsletter). Now we'd like to share with you a simple test you can take to help determine if the PowerPoint slides you're creating are less than good for your audience!

The Test

Answer Yes or No to the following questions:

  • Do you use PowerPoint as a teleprompter?
    If you put the majority of your comments on the slide as text, then find yourself turning and reading from the slide to your audience, you are using it as a teleprompter.
  • Do most of your slides contain bullet-point lists?
    When you add a slide to your presentation, if you most often choose the "Title and Text" layout, you are probably creating a presentation that has an overwhelming amount of bullet-point lists. These lists can get very monotonous to the audience.
  • Are you explaining your thoughts and ideas with words instead of pictures?
    Do you ask yourself on each slide, is there a visual that can replace or accompany the text on this slide? If not, your presentation is most likely too heavy on text and too light on pictures.
  • Are your animations cool, but not meaningful?
    If you learn a new animation "trick" in PowerPoint, then add it to your presentation just because you know how, that animation is probably there for you and not the audience!
  • Do you give the audience an agenda at the beginning, but not repeat it throughout the presentation?
    If you think the audience will be able to rely on their own instincts to follow you through your presentation, they may struggle. Your presentation may not be as visually organized as it should be.

If you answered Yes to two or more of these questions, you are well on your way to giving your audience toxic PowerPoint. And it's probably time to rethink your approach to the use of visuals when you present.

At Spoken Impact, we've come up with the remedies for these toxic habits. In our next newsletter, we'll begin to share ideas that you can start using right away to make over your presentation and take it from toxic to terrific!

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